About us

Measures Consulting was set up by Chris Measures in July 2010. It brings the benefits and insight of nearly 25 years of PR, content creation and marketing expertise to technology/B2B businesses of all sizes.

As an agile agency we provide tailored, cost-effective programmes that deliver high impact and return on your investment. You get the benefit of access to senior expertise, an effective, responsive service and a straightforward, knowledgeable way of working, offering excellent value for money. Our creative flair provides solutions that cut through the marketing noise, making you stand out from the competition in even the most crowded of markets.

We offer award-winning writing ability, unrivalled press contacts and vast experience at combining content, social media and conventional public relations to make your programme truly deliver. This is backed up by understanding and skills across the full marketing mix – we never operate in isolation from the rest of your business and understand the broader challenges of the current market environment.

For larger clients, we can scale operations through our network of trusted, international partners and consultants. 

And to maximise return on investment all of our programmes include tailored, straightforward evaluation, allowing you to track progress and measure final results.